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Odd Nerdrum

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Julio Reyes

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One of my favorite contemporary painters is Julio Reyes.


Amaranth by Julio Reyes

Holding-OnHolding On by Julio Reyes

lwsm_wildflower_oil-on-copper_10x8sm_267Wildflower by Julio Reyes

The-Northern-Girl_largeThe Northern Girl by Julio Reyes


Miriam Escofet

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Olive Tree and Goat

Detail from The Witching Hour

From Miriam’s website “There are many influences in my work and it would be impossible to list them all. I am fascinated by art and architecture of the classical period, when aesthetics and proportion were thought to communicate eternal and divine truths and art was considered a physical depiction of the divine. In paintings of the gothic and renaissance period, I am mesmerized and completely seduced by the details and textures of these works, by their sheer beauty and skill of execution. I find the ‘structure’  of their compositions fascinating; the marriage of perspective (the rational) with divine themes (the mystical) which brings an almost surreal quality to the paintings. Sometimes I feel that looking at these works is like opening a door into a hyper real universe. I look at paintings as worlds one can visually step into and be transported and sometimes even transformed by. For me the way into these worlds is invariably through the detail: I like to be visually seduced and pictorially convinced by art. I believe the primary function of art is to fill you with wonder.”